THL-514: Theology of Work: Finding Transcendent Meaning in the Workplace


Taught by Professor Fletcher Tink. It has become apparent that most efforts of organized Christian faith have failed significantly to transform their contexts to radiate shalom to those around. Institutionalized religion has often created barriers that have excluded people rather than ministering to them. “Professional” Christians have created a lesser class that, by default, have excluded the concerns and the opportunities of those engaged in the so-called "secular world". What has resulted is a chasm between “religion” on Sunday morning and the market place on Monday, with little carryover between the two. The laity finds itself encouraged by religious inspiration on holy days without integration into the workaday world. The result relegates lay people to second-class citizenship where the “Creation Mandate” is ignored or considered inferior or irrelevant to the “Redemptive Mandate”. This seminar provides an antidote to this thinking, by offering theological, historical and practical underpinnings that disarm this bifurcation.