Meeting At Fuller Theological Seminary


A meeting was held at the School of Intercultural Studies to continue Fuller Seminary’s commitment to assist UUC in curriculum development efforts, particularly in the Doc-tor of Ministry program.

Present at the meeting were Dr. Scott Sunquist, Dean of School of Intercultural Studies, Dr. Kurt Fredrickson, Associate Dean for Doctor of Min-istry Program, Dr. Timothy Park, Director of Korean Program at Fuller, Dr. Son Nguyen, Vice President, Dr. Tu Truong, VP & Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Makmur Halim, Dean of Indonesian School of Theology, and Dr. Nghi Tran, Director of Institutional Assessment of UUC.

During the meeting Dr. Sunquist, Dr. Park and Dr. Fredrickson shared their rich experi-ences in developing curriculum and organizing onsite and online classes which are very helpful to UUC's future growth.