Dr. Raymond j. Bakke Named Chancellor of Union University of California


WESTMINSTER, CA -- Union University of California (UUC) is happy to announce the appointment of Dr. 
Raymond J. Bakke as Chancellor of UUC. Dr. Bakke began his work with UUC on February 1, 2013. 
Dr. Bakke has taught in a wide variety of theological schools around the world, and has personally led or 
served as a major resource leader for urban ministry consultations in more than 200 large cities on six 
continents. He was professor of global urban ministry and chancellor at Bakke Graduate University until his 
retirement in 2012. Doctoral students and senior associates actively involved in ministry all over the world are 
the beneficiaries of Dr. Bakke’s mentoring and teaching. 
From 1959 through 1979 Dr. Bakke pastored inner-city churches in Seattle and Chicago. During that time he 
also co-founded the Seminary Consortium for Urban Pastoral Education (SCUPE), and taught Bible at Trinity 
College and Church History at McCormick Theological Seminary. Between 1979 and 1989 he served as 
Professor of Ministry at Northern Baptist Theological Seminary. Ray founded International Urban Associates 
(IUA) in 1989. IUA animated a network of more than 100 urban-based church and mission leaders in many of 
the largest cities of the world. Between 1990 and 2001, he was Professor of Global Urban Ministry at Eastern 
Baptist Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. He also served as Senior Associate for Large Cities with the 
Lausanne Committee for World Evangelism from 1979 to 1995. 
Because of his vast experience, in 2010 he was chosen as a member of the United States State Department 
Religions for Peace Task Force that visited Jakarta, Indonesia to prepare the dialogue on religious issues for 
President Obama's visit to Indonesia. Ray is the author of several books including A Theology as Big as the 
City, The Urban Christian, and his newest release in 2009, A Surprising Journey. His special passions are for 
global urban missions, Pacific Rim ministries, and ministry with Native American church leaders. 
“We are very pleased to have Dr. Ray Bakke join our staff as Chancellor. His expertise in church history, Bible, 
urban ministry and the contemporary global church, along with his recognition by church leaders around the 
world and his deep desire to mentor the next generations of leaders will strengthen and advance Union 
University of California’s mission,” said Dr. Dale Sewall, President of UUC. “Dr. Bakke’s relationships around 
the globe will create a greater awareness of what UUC has been doing for the oppressed church for the last 30 
years. His commitment to UUC’s mission will help us grow our capacity to assist church leaders who have 
previously had little access to diploma and degree programs for theological education and leadership training.” 
As Chancellor, Dr. Bakke will represent the English language School of Theology in public functions related to 
the school, assist UUC in strengthening its English Language curriculum, while also helping with fund 
development to support the operation and development of the university. Already, he has used his gifts and 
networks to make UUC known to a wider church circle. 
Union University of California (UUC) is an online Christian educational institution committed to overcoming 
language, immobility and financial barriers to prepare students who serve God effectively in their locations and 
vocations. UUC is intent on reaching the world’s underserved church leaders to provide them with the 
opportunity to study practical, holistic theological and church leadership training degree programs by removing 
for our students the barriers of poverty, second language proficiency, and the inability to relocate for onsite 
study. For more information, visit www.uuc.edu.