THL-514: Theology of Work: Finding Transcendent Meaning in the Workplace

Taught by Professor Fletcher Tink. It has become apparent that most efforts of organized Christian faith have failed significantly to transform their contexts to radiate shalom to those around. Institutionalized religion has often created barriers that have excluded people rather than ministering to them.


SFM-501: Spiritual Life Practices

Taught by Professor Deborah Loyd. This course is designed to introduce students to spiritual growth resources and spiritually reflective processes. The emphasis will be on developing a deeper inner life through increased understanding of the theological, biblical, and historical basis of spiritual formation practices.


EVG-501: Evangelism in Context

Taught by Professor Benjamin Cocar. This course is designed to help students develop a special sensitivity to the religious/spiritual background and cultural context of the people being evangelized. The course also aims to develop students for effective leadership in evangelism that is informed by critical engagement with the nature of the Gospel, Christian life and thought, and the cultures of the contemporary world.


Module 1, begins on July 14 and ends on September 20

Special Seminar on Cross-Cultural Communication; EVG-501: Evangelism in Context; SLP-501: Spiritual Life Practices; THL-514: Theology of Work: Finding Transcendent Meaning in the Workplace.